Build your library.

The PayAnywhere POS inventory system can help you streamline your sales process and run your business more profitably than ever before. Create and set up your full inventory of items for quick access during checkout, and to provide an itemized transaction on your receipts. This also makes it easy to track what’s hot and what’s not so you can adjust your inventory accordingly.

Use the inventory app to place items in categories and add modifiers, images, barcodes or SKUs, taxes, and any percentage-based discounts you offer. Then, manage your stock by setting low stock alerts so you never run out of the items your customers love most. It’s inventory management designed with your success in mind.


Customize your items with images and organize by category.

Items Details.

Add multiple prices, modifiers, assign tax, and add item-level discounts.


Enable inventory tracking by entering the stock on hand for each priceline. Then, set the number you want to use for low stock alerts. Your inventory syncs in real-time across all your devices no matter where sales are made


Import items using our easy-to-use template to make setting up your library much faster than a manual item-by-item process. Export your library as a CSV file with the stock information included at the time of the export.

Scan that code.

By default, your device’s built-in camera can serve as a barcode scanner that allows you to quickly add items to an order. However, if you purchase a compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner, you’ll need to connect the scanner to your device and the PayAnywhere app.


Track sales by item, category, modifier, and discount. Export stock reports, item performance, and transactions by category.

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